Tipping hazards Tipping hazards are causing preventable accidents to children daily. According to statistics in fact, 71 children per day are injured by tipping furniture. 1 child every 2 weeks DIES from falling TVs, furniture, and appliances. Child proofing doesn’t just extend to baby gates around stairs or with window safety devices, it needs to be applied to TV sets and furniture too. Secure top-heavy furniture, and furniture with doors, drawers or shelves to prevent a child from pulling the drawers all the way out. This will in fact cause the weight to shift, making it easier for the dresser to tip over. Remember to never leave toys, gadgets or any other objects your child may be interested in, on top of tall furniture. Try as much as possible to keep your child’s attention away from that area of the room.   Please note that flat screen TV’s are becoming the leading cause of these types of accidents. This may be because parents wrongly see them as being to thin and light to pose an actual risk. This common misconception is causing children to be hurt daily all across the country. Yes they are lighter than CRT televisions, but falling from a height on top of a toddler or a young child, they can still cause terrible injuries, if not death. Make sure your home is as safe as possible by securing top-heavy furniture, television sets, changing tables, bookshelves and other potential tipping hazards to the wall with quality furniture straps. Contact your local Baby Safe Homes safety professional for a consultation to learn more about tipping hazards and what we can do to help your family feel safe inside their home. Call 888.481.7233