Most Ordered Items from our Location in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Banister Safety

Banister Shield – Reduces Climbing and Falling Risk on Stairs and Balconies    Cost $30.50

Bathroom Safety

 Toilet Lock – Keeps Children out of Toilets    Cost $5.35






Frog Bath Spout Cover    Cost $6.00









Door Safety

Sliding Door Lock (Can also be used on windows)   Cost $3.55






 Door Guardian Door Lock – Can be use to lock outer and inside doors    Cost  $17.45



Door Finger Guard – Helps Prevent Finger Pinching   Cost  $2.85








Electrical Safety and Sensors

Carbon Monoxide/Smoke Detector Combo  (battery operated)  Cost  $39.00

Smoke Detector Only (battery operated)        Cost  $9.00

Secure Press Plug Protectors (24 pk)   Cost $2.25







 Power Strip Cover   Cost $7.25








 Furniture & TV Safety Padding & Straps

 Corner Cushion (4-Pack)  $6.00                       Edge Cushions (12 foot roll)   $12.00

Standard Furniture Strap (8 Pack)  Cost $3.75

MH-02263 Furniture Strap






 Deluxe Furniture and TV Strap (2-Pack)   Cost  $8.00


Baby Gates

 AutoClose Pressure Gate  (Black or White)  Cost $47.75

Angle Mount Gates (Black or White)   Cost $34

Large Sectional Gates  (Black or White)    Cost $80.00

Gate Installation Aids

No Holes Mounting Kit SQUARE POST CLAMP  Cost $5.25 ea.

ROUND Adapter for Hole-Free Clamp Above    Cost $3.85 ea.













Pressure Gate Spindle Adaptor Kit  Cost $3.75












Pressure Gate Wall Saver – Help Prevent Damage and More Sturdy Installation   Cost  $5.50










Locks and Latches

Internal Spring Latches    Cost $.90 ea

Internal Two Piece Latches   Cost $.62 ea

Internal Custom Side Latch  Cost $.95 ea

External Side by Side Latch  (White or Black)    Cost $3.45












Other products are available.  These are the most popular purchased from our location in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.