Stair Banister and Balcony Safety

Decks,  balconies and banisters pose several hazards — the most serious being that your child could slip through the railings and fall, or become wedged in the railings and suffocate. Fortunately, with supervision and a few simple steps, you should be able to prevent these accidents.

If the railings on your deck or balcony create any gaps that are wider than 3 inches or if the railing has a row of ladder-like horizontal bars which could be used as a ladder to climb up and over the top, you’ll need to make some modifications.  To help prevent this the railings can be covered with a sheet of clear plastic “banister shield” or Plexiglas.   Plexiglas is more attractive but also much more expensive.  Installation

For outside decks, and outdoor netting material can be used to cover up gaps.

Always be sure to keep any items away from banister such as furniture, toys, and potted plants, so  that children can the items to climb up and over the rails.