Child safety locks

Custom safety locks for kitchens

Custom childproofing safety locks for kitchens Kitchens are full of potential hazards. These include gas, electricity, sharp utensils, chemicals, breakable glass and dishes, garbage disposals, and most of all fire hazards. According to a study carried out between 1990 and 2006, thermal burns caused by heat and fire accounted for nearly 60% of all child injuries, with most of these accidents relating to kitchen appliances. Pictured above, a custom appliance lock installed by our team on a microwave built into a kitchen center island below the counter level. Other baby proofing devices that keep children from burning themselves are stove knob covers which prevent infants from accidentally turning the fire on. Although baby proofing devices add a layer of protection to your home, nothing beats a parent’s watchful eye. Be mindful of the dangers your kitchen may carry and behave accordingly. A simple gesture as using the back burners to cook when children are around, or remembering to turn all pot handles toward the back of the stove, can go a long way. For more information on kitchen safety, safety locks on cabinets or appliances, or stove knob covers, please call 888.481.7233. Safety is just a phone call away.  

Baby proofing and DIY

Baby proofing and DIY Baby proofing is not a one-time procedure, but an adopted way of life. You can help keep your family safe by removing dangerous objects that your baby could easily come into contact with when crawling, for example poisonous plants, washing liquid, bleaches, and other items you keep on the floor or in low cabinets. You can also prevent accidents by asking visitors to leave their purses or jackets out of your child’s reach to avoid them getting a hold of prescription medication, lighters, cigarettes, or other everyday objects that could be dangerous if found by a baby. You can lock doors to rooms that hold potential hazards, keep electrical cords and blind cords tied up to avoid choking incidents, and also adjust the water temperature to make sure the hot water doesn’t scald your child. There are many things that can be done by a parent to avoid putting your child in danger, but certain things, such as installing baby gates on stairs or around pools, plexiglas on banisters, child safety locks and furniture straps, are a bit more complicated to put in place by yourself. Products such as child safety gates and safety locks for example, not only come in different shapes and sizes, but in order to safely carry out their purpose, they need to be properly installed. From experience, when such tasks are attempted by non professional, the device is either set up wrong, and is therefore useless, or the walls and furniture are left with extensive damage.                   Baby Safe Home’s trained consultants provide in-home consultations, recommend specialized safety products and provide professional same day installation. Save yourself a lot […]

Child safety locks prevent accidents

Child safety locks prevent accidents Every week around 500 children under five are rushed to hospital because they have swallowed something poisonous. We cannot stress enough the importance of keeping harmful products out of a child’s reach. Although you may use them daily and not even consider them to be dangerous, your house and garage are full of supplies made with household chemicals that could potentially poison a child. Also products such as extra cans of paint, cleaning products, nail polish remover, bleach and many more, come in brightly colored boxes and bottles, detail that could furthermore intrigue a young child in drinking them or pouring them onto their skin. All of these potentially dangerous items should therefore be either stored on a shelf too high for kids to reach (even with a step stool) or behind a cabinet or drawer with a secure child safety lock like the one pictured below. This child safety lock was recently installed by Baby Safe Homes and prevents children from opening the cabinet and coming into contact with the products stored inside. To learn more about child safety locks and other baby proofing solutions, please contact your local Baby Safe Homes safety professional. Call 888.481.7233 Safety is just a phone call away

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