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How to avoid preventable accidents

How to avoid preventable accidents One of our favorite tips to give whenever someone starts the process of baby proofing a home, is that of getting down on your hands and knees to look at your surroundings from a baby’s perspective. This method can help spot what objects, for example plants or wires, need to be removed from that particular room as they are in easy reach of a child’s curious hand.  This type of exercise is extremely important and should be carried out regularly as the baby grows and evolves. In fact, according to statistics, each year approximately 6,000 children die and another 120,000 children are seriously injured or permanently disabled in the U.S alone due to PREVENTABLE household accidents, which means that keeping your baby proofing standards up to date is as essential as ever. Some dangers, for example stairs, are easier detected than the possible accidents involving the tip over of a flat screen TV or the risk of drowning brought on by leaving a bathroom door unlocked.   To make sure nothing has been overlooked and your home is as safe as it may possibly be, book an appointment with a Baby Safe Homes safety professional. Our team will not only offer an in-home consultation and recommend specialized safety products but, if requested, will also proceed to a same day installation of child safety gates, cabinet and drawer locks and latches, safety straps for furniture, specialized door locks and window guards, customized plexiglas for banisters and decks, and whatever else may be needed. Prevent your child from becoming a statistic, call 888.481.7233

Bathroom safety and pressure gates

Bathroom safety and pressure gates Just as any other room, bathroom’s hold hidden dangers for small children too. Start by setting the water heather temperature to a 125°F or less, to prevent accidental scalding when bathing a child or in the case he manages to turn the hot water on his own. During bath time never leave your baby alone in the tub and install tub spout pads and tub mats to reduce the risk of a child slipping and injuring their head. We’ve said this time and time again, but babies are always on the lookout for toys or for things to put in their mouths, so be sure to remove soap chips, shampoo, razors and other products from the edge of the tub or within their reach. Collect all medicines including, but not limited to, prescription drugs, vitamins and herbal supplements, and place in a safe container on the top shelf of a closet or other area NOT accessible to children. Same rule applies to hair dryers and curling irons. When not in use unplug them and store them away. Other safety devices that could be put in place in the bathroom are toilet locks to reduce the risk of drowning, and, if already installed, the removal of automatic bowl cleaners. Although safety measures have been put in place, it’s always best to prevent small children from accessing the room altogether if unattended. This can be done by making sure the door to this area remains locked at all times, or in alternative, by installing a self-closing auto lock pressure gate like the one pictured below. This baby gate’s door not only swings into both directions, but also has a hold open position, […]

Baby proofing railings: Plexiglass shield

Baby proofing railings: Plexiglass shield Does your home have horizontal stair balusters like the ones in the picture below? If the answer is yes then know that if not baby proofed, they could cause a serious threat to your baby or your toddler.   Yes, building codes vary throughout the Country, but building guidelines weren’t necessarily drawn up with a child’s safety in mind. If the distance at the widest point between the railings is more than 4”, then that banister poses a ‘fit through’ hazard and needs to be childproofed. (Please note that the 4” rule also applies to the distance between the bottom rail and the floor.) A quick an attractive solution to this problem is the installation of a clear plexiglass shield. This invisible barrier will not only make sure your baby doesn’t fall or become entrapped between the railings, but it will also stop him from potentially climbing over. The ‘climbing over’ hazard is especially real if your staircase has a ledge, decorative iron, or horizontal rails that your toddler could easily use as a ladder while trying to get around the baby gate. Banister shields are affordable and non invasive to the overall look of the home, but most of all, they protect your little one from getting himself seriously injured. To learn more about banister safety and to schedule an appointment with the Baby Safe Homes safety professional nearest to you, call 888.481.7233

Custom child safety gate in Newport Beach

Custom child safety gate in Newport Beach Whether you’re a child care professional, a new parent, or anything in-between it can at times feel overwhelming keeping track of kids who have just started crawling or walking. Eliminating risk factors from your home through baby proofing will not only let your child roam freely and explore his surroundings in all safety, but it will also give you much needed piece of mind. Installing a baby gate is the most efficient way to eliminate the number one cause for preventable falls around the house: stairs! Mounting a gate at the top of the staircase is extremely important, but remember that a baby that can’t climb up in the first place, will never risk falling back down, so gates at the bottom of stairs are just as necessary. Before purchasing a safety gate ask yourself these two things, ‘How many times do I use the stairs throughout the day’ and ‘Will I often carry objects (such as for example a laundry basket) or my child up and down the stairs with me’? These questions are important in choosing a gate that will accommodate not only your child’s needs, but your lifestyle too. In this particular case, if the gate will be used often during the day,  then you will need a device that can be opened and closed as quickly as possible. If you plan on carrying heavy objects up and down, than find a baby gate that can be unlocked with one hand. Although child safety gates will restrict your baby’s access to stairs and be extremely efficient for the first few years, they won’t unfortunately work forever.  As soon as your baby understands how to open them […]

Bathroom safety and toilet locks

Bathroom safety and toilet locks We’ve talked about baby proofing stairs and kitchens and windows, but let’s not forget that bathrooms need baby proofing too. The American Academy of Pediatrics warns that toilets are a much overlooked drowning hazard to children in the home. Young children are in fact curious and uncoordinated, if they fall head first in the toilet it’s very difficult for them to have the strength to pull themselves back out. The easiest way to childproof a toilet is to keep the door shut and secured at all times. This may seem like a simple enough thing to do, but are you 100% sure you’ll remember to do that every single time you finish using the bathroom? What if you’re in a hurry and have other things running through your head and forget to lock it? What about family members or guests, will they always remember to lock the door when they leave? All this worrying can be solved by installing a toilet latch. Most people hate installing toilet locks as they are not very pretty and a bit inconvenient, but it’s the best solution to keep your child’s curious hands out of the toilet and reduce drowning hazards. Other bathroom safety items include spout cushions and shower locks. To learn more about bathroom safety please read our ‘Baby safety tips – Room by Room‘ guide and call 888.481.7233 to book an appointment with your local Baby Safe Home safety professional.

Baby Gate for top of stairs – baby proofing Temecula, CA

Baby Proofing Temecula Top of Stairs Child Safety Gate The purpose of baby proofing is to find areas in your home that could be dangerous for your child and then come up with ways to minimize the risks of your little one getting hurt. Take stairs for example. If your home has any type of staircase, then childproofing this area BEFORE your baby starts crawling is fundamental in keeping him safe. The solution to your problem? A baby safety gate for top of stairs. When choosing the right baby gate for your home, keep in mind that your number one priority is your child’s safety, so get informed, choose wisely, and make sure you are purchasing a product that will work for your particular space. Also whatever product you choose, remember that picking a baby safety gate is one thing, installing it is another. Calling a professional baby proofer is the best way to make sure your child is protected by a top quality gate that will be installed correctly with as little damage as possible to your wall and railings. Pictured above is a baby safety gate installed by Baby Safe Homes at the top of the stairs of a home in Temecula, California. If you think your child deserves the best baby proofing devices to keep him or her safe, then contacting your local Baby Safe Homes safety professional is the best investment you and your family could make. Call 888.481.7233 or find your local Baby Safe Homes safety professional on this map.

Fireplaces and child safety gates

Fireplaces and child safety gates Did you know that the glass of a gas fireplace heats up to 400 ̊F in just 6 minutes and takes 45 minutes to cool down? This means that children should be kept away from fireplaces not only when the fire is on, but also long after it’s been put out. The easiest and best way to keep children away from fires, and therefore preventing them from getting burnt, is to restrict their access to it at all times by installing the correct child safety gate.   The child safety gate pictured above is firmly fixed to the wall, keeps the fireplace isolated and avoids anyone getting too close. Also, contrary to free standing fire place screens, a child will not be able to pull this protection down, potentially allowing him to fall onto to the fire. Please keep in mind that pokers, brushes and other fireplace tools should also be placed in the restricted area and away from reach, as a child may think of them as toys. For more information on child safety gates and on how to prevent fireplace related accidents, contact us at 888-481-7233.

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