Why to Hire a Professional Baby Proofer

Why to Hire a Professional Baby Proofer   No one knows your home better than your curious baby. They always discover and test every corner and cranny. Even reading a lot of books, getting safety tips and taking all the precautions, are not enough to stop them. According to a report by Center for Disease Control, over 16,000 children under the age of 4 years, died from some controllable reasons like drowning, suffocation and other fatal injuries from being struck or falling of the objects. To make sure everything is safe and sound, some parents are taking the help of experts to baby proof their houses. A professional baby proofer can find out the problems that you can’t notice. They can understand the problems and help you reduce the risk of accidents. A professional baby proofer can provide [protection as well as give some practical tips for the prevention. The combination of these two will help to lower the risks in and around the home. They will recommend and properly install the best safety products with their experience to provide the overall safety of the children. What is the right time for baby proofing? Hazards may change as your child grows from infant to toddler, or from toddler to preschooler. At every stage, the kids experience an exciting time, but also have some hidden hazards. The process of baby proofing starts before your child becomes mobile that is about 6 to 9 months. You want to be proactive, not reactive. By hiring a professional baby-proofer will help you to make your home safer for your child. Product Installation A professional baby proofer may eliminate the risk of incorrect installation. Baby safety products are more effective […]

Baby Safety from House Fire

Baby Safety from House Fire According to US Fire Administration, seven people die because of a house fire every day. Kids under five years are even more vulnerable as compared to other age groups, as they don’t know how to escape during a house fire. A house fire can spread quickly, so parents must take extra precautions to reduce the risks of residential fire. This can be done by installing fire safety equipment and a proper planning for safety and evacuation to make sure your children escape safely. Here are a few tips on how to keep your home safe from fire Install and test smoke alarms You can install smoke alarms at every sleeping area and on every floor of your house, including your basement. Using working smoke alarms in the house reduces the risk of fire by 40 to 50 percent. Smoke alarm serves as the first alert of fire to let you know about the danger and provides you a few moments to enact your fire safety plan. If you are not using smoke alarms in your house, local fire department offers them at less cost. You can purchase them for their and use in your house. Hide all matches and lighters out of reach of young children Keep the matches or lighters out of reach of young children. They can accidentally light a fire which causes to the residential fires. Also, hide the other flammable substances from the children that are used in the home. Don’t overload electric outlets, extension cords or wall sockets. Using multiple cords to plug several appliances at the same time into the same outlet could be a bad idea. It is the main reason for the […]

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Baby Proofing Tips for Christmas

Baby Proofing Tips for Christmas Enjoying Christmas through your kid’s eyes is one of the greatest joys of the season. If you have a curious child in your house, Christmas trimmings become ten times more complicated. Keep the viewpoint of your little one in mind while decorating for Christmas. It will help you to avoid unintentional hazards. In this blog we have discussed about some Christmas baby proofing tips to prevent your house from accidents.<?p> Replace glass ornaments with resistant ones Try to use unbreakable ornaments for the decoration of Christmas tree instead of glass ornaments. When a glass ornaments breaks it spreads into millions of pieces and it is impossible to find each and every piece. If you are using glass ornaments then you should keep them at the top of the tree to keep them away from kids reach. Secure your tree well Use extra tie down to Christmas tree to make it baby safe to prevent from tip over hazards. You can also use bricks or other heavy material to weigh down your tree stand. If you are using artificial Christmas tree than make sure that it is fire rated and if you opt for a real one, make sure that it is fresh. Wires should be Dangerous Kids are mostly attracted towards wires. To block kids to access wires, cover them with wire covers or minimize the strands hanging all around the house. Replace Decoration Hooks with Ribbons If you are using resistant stuffs for decoration, you have to hang them. Avoid using the hooks as they can pose a serious choking risk. In place of hooks, you can use ribbons to prevent risks. Use outlet covers and never leave baby […]

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Baby Safety Tips For Winter

Baby Safety Tips For Winter Winters are the vacation time for kids. The cool temperature invites them outside for fun as they get a break from regular routines and with lack of discipline they consume a lot of junk food which causes infections. During winters, make sure your kids have enough protection against infections like flu, cold, etc. these are some common health issues. Here are some tips that can help you to prevent infections and your child can enjoy the winter without visiting any doctor. Keep the System Hydrated In winters, kids tend to drink less water because of low temperature. Winter is a dry season so it is important for us to be adequately hydrated. To keep their skin hydrated you should make sure that they drink enough water. Try to give those fruits and fruit juice at room temperature. They would not cause any cold when they are consumed at room temperature. Change the Regular Bathing Bar The regular bathing soap can make skin drier. Instead of regular soaps, you can choose some milder soaps that can’t harm to your skin. Massage Regularly with Body Oil Kids have very soft skin that can be badly affected by the chilling winter winds. To protect the skin of kids you have to massage them with oils like olive oil or coconut oil which are enriched with fatty acids and vitamin E. After applying these you can rub it softly so that skin can soak it. Reduce Bath Time Make sure that kids take a bath in lukewarm water. Hot water can rob the natural moisture from the skin. As per expert’s recommendation make your kids bath routine at night time throughout the winter. It […]

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Water Safety Tips for Kids

Water Safety Tips for Kids Summertime is the best time of the year for outdoors and swimming is the best pass time of the summer. It’s the time to buy some bathing suits, new floaties for a pool or beach umbrella. With all this, also think about the safety of your kids that how much you prepared your kids for pool or beach? Water can be dangerous for kids. Association director of the Injury Prevention and Research Center stated that drowning in pools is the main cause of death for one to four years old kids while five years or older are more likely to drown in natural water resources like rivers, ponds etc. Here are some water safety tips to make sure that your little one is safe in the water. Watch out your child near the Water It is important to keep eyes on kids when they are near the water. One can easily get distracted. It is important to make sure that kids are getting your full attention when they are in the pool that means not talking on phones for too long or trying to take a perfect selfie. There is nothing more important than your child. Use of sunscreen It is important to use the sunscreen or wear sunblock, especially for kids. The sun’s ultraviolet rays are powerful and sometimes causes skin cancer. Baby skin is soft and can be affected by ultraviolet to cause serious diseases. So it is important to take care of skin and use sunscreen. Floaties and life vests Make sure you have floaties on your kids and talk to your kids about their uses. Sometimes if they accidently fall in water these life vests prevent […]

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Important Baby Safety Tips from Pets

Important Baby Safety Tips from Pets It is important to prepare your family pets before your baby arrives. It is essential to make some changes and preparations to reduce the chances of an accident when your baby arrives so that the change is easier for you and your pet. Pets are tolerant of kids but it is important to be aware. In this blog we will discuss some baby safety tips with pets. You can keep your newborn and pets apart for most of the time. Don’t leave your baby with pets all alone in a room and never let them share a common room. Keep your baby off the floor when the pet is around. Pets can try to move them with their mouth and sometimes they hurt them. When your kid starts crawling teach them not to tease or hurt them and to treat pets very gently and calmly. Your pets may feel jealous of the new member of your family while you introduce your newborn with them. Always give some special time to your pets whenever you can so they know that you still care for them. Cats are usually attracted due to the warmth of baby’ cot. Always remember to use the cat net to the pushchair or pram when your baby is in garden or downstairs. Sometimes they will scratch or bite kids when they throw their toys on cats or pull their tails. If you own a dog as your pet, it is important to keep special attention on your babies. Dogs may lose their patience when kids poke their eyes or pull their tails. No matter how trustworthy your pet is, it may bite your kid when they […]

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Baby Safety Outside of the House

Baby Safety Outside of the House Nowadays, everyone spends a lot of time on baby-proofing their homes but it is more important to be aware of the dangers of the places outside your home where babies will visit like your own yard or pools, etc. It is very important and the very first step to be aware of the outdoor dangers before taking your kids outside the home. Here are a few suggestions to take care while you are taking your kid outside: Kids in Playgrounds You have to take care of many things when babies are playing outside the home. Playground must be clean. The play area must be free from broken glasses, dog droppings or trash. However, you have to make sure that these items are not in play area or your own yard. Use of Sunscreen Avoid going outside with kids between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. or try to stay in the shaded area when you are outside to prevent them from sunburn or deadly skin cancer or rashes. Use sunscreen lotion for UVA and UVB protection, with SPF with at least 15 or higher is even better.  For babies younger than 6 months, use a small amount of sunscreen for exposed surface of their skin. Before going outside, apply sunscreen at least 30 min before and re-apply it after every 2 hours. Don’t Let Baby Eat Plants Sometimes babies try to put the plants around them into their mouth. When you let them play in ground or yard of your own home make sure that you watch your baby carefully. Some of the plants in your backyard or play area can be poisonous and even deadly if absorbed. Nobody wants […]

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