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Baby proofing and DIY

Baby proofing and DIY Baby proofing is not a one-time procedure, but an adopted way of life. You can help keep your family safe by removing dangerous objects that your baby could easily come into contact with when crawling, for example poisonous plants, washing liquid, bleaches, and other items you keep on the floor or in low cabinets. You can also prevent accidents by asking visitors to leave their purses or jackets out of your child’s reach to avoid them getting a hold of prescription medication, lighters, cigarettes, or other everyday objects that could be dangerous if found by a baby. You can lock doors to rooms that hold potential hazards, keep electrical cords and blind cords tied up to avoid choking incidents, and also adjust the water temperature to make sure the hot water doesn’t scald your child. There are many things that can be done by a parent to avoid putting your child in danger, but certain things, such as installing baby gates on stairs or around pools, plexiglas on banisters, child safety locks and furniture straps, are a bit more complicated to put in place by yourself. Products such as child safety gates and safety locks for example, not only come in different shapes and sizes, but in order to safely carry out their purpose, they need to be properly installed. From experience, when such tasks are attempted by non professional, the device is either set up wrong, and is therefore useless, or the walls and furniture are left with extensive damage.                   Baby Safe Home’s trained consultants provide in-home consultations, recommend specialized safety products and provide professional same day installation. Save yourself a lot […]

Improperly installed baby gate

Improperly installed baby gate Once your baby starts to crawl,  a strategically placed baby safety gate can make your life easier, safer, and provide much needed peace of mind.   Keeping your baby away from potential dangers, such as stairs, home offices, pets, exercise equipment or rooms that have a lot of hazards, is essential for your child’s well being. Most new parents, with the best of intentions, visit their local Babies R Us, Buy Buy Baby or online baby stores and choose a gate based on their appearance and their reviews. Our tip when doing this kind of research is to keep in mind that appearance is often misleading. Also, reviews are usually posted immediately after the purchase, meaning that the trial period of the product hasn’t been long enough to actually proof it functions correctly. On top of all of this, please keep in mind that buying a baby gate is only a small part of the process. You have to be able to properly install it too.   Pictured below is an improperly installed baby gate our team has recently come across. This gate was bought by trusty parents, who then hired a handy man to install it in their home.   This baby gate is not only missing parts, but it’s also so far off the floor, that an adult could fit underneath it, never mind a small child.  This gate was a waste of time, money, and only offers a false sense of security. Don’t risk your child’s safety by improperly installing a wrong gate. Contact Baby Safe Homes, and let our experts help you choose and install the RIGHT gate the first time around. Call 888.481.7233

Child safety gates for bottom of stairways

Child safety gates for bottom of stairways It’s important to know that not all child safety gates for bottom of stairways are appropriate to be used at the top of the stairs. This rule applies to pressure-mounted gates and especially to accordion-style gates. Many parents choose the wrong gates when baby proofing their home, and worse, most of them do not install them correctly. Pictured below is a custom bottom of stairs safety gate that was installed by a Baby Safe Homes safety professionals, who managed to secure the area around this odd shaped staircase.   For bottom of stairs, one of two methods we usually recommend is to create a Safe Zone by gating off an area to eliminate access to the bottom of the stairs. Many families choose the Safe Zone method to allow for closer adult supervision. If a downstairs Safe Zone is not an option, a safety gate like the one pictured above is just as reliable and secure. If you need help with a child safety gate for the top or bottom of your staircase, or for more information regarding our services, please contact your local Baby Safe Homes safety professional. We would be happy to assist you with your childproofing needs. Safety is just a phone call away. 888.481.7233

Baby Safety Gate in Playroom Lake Forest CA

Custom baby gate installation at top/bottom of stairs and in upstairs playroom (Lake Forest, California) This custom baby gate installation took place in Lake Forest California and saw Baby Safe Homes securing a stairway and a playroom. The day began by performing a complete walk-through of the home and providing our customers with a detailed, itemized estimate. Once the family decided the amount of work they wished to be done, our safety professional started baby proofing this beautiful home. The first thing to secure was the extra wide opening at the bottom of the stairs. To make sure infants and toddlers don’t climb up the steps and hurt themselves by falling, a custom sectional gate was put in place. As can be seen in the picture below, another baby gate was put at the top of the stairs. Both gates were attached with custom no holes banister clamps, which means that our team has not only installed a fully functioning safety device, but it has done so without ruining any of the existing furniture. In time, when this baby proofing protection will no longer be needed and therefore be removed, no one will ever even know it was there in the first place. Once the staircase was marked safe, Baby safe homes went on to install a third baby gate at the entrance of an upstairs playroom and also installed baby safe cabinet latches, electrical outlets, and furniture straps in various parts of the house. If you need help with a child safety gate for the top or bottom of your staircase or anywhere else in your home, please contact your local Baby Safe Homes safety professional. We would be happy to assist you with […]

The Pros and Cons of Hiring Professional Baby-Proofers

Hiring Professional Baby-Proofers The Pros and Cons Below is an excellent article written by Brad Miller Posted on Primrose Schools that I felt was worth sharing. When my wife and I first discussed the matter of baby-proofing our home, I didn’t run down to the local baby superstore for gates and latches. Instead, the first thing I did was Google “professional child-proofing Atlanta.” I’m not handy, and I don’t pretend otherwise. It actually runs in my family – once, when I asked my father if he had a toolbox, he nodded and pulled out his wallet. Given my inexperience and my wife’s reluctance to let me ”test” baby-proofing solutions on our custom cabinets, we decided to call in a professional. One thing we looked for in a baby-proofing company was a la carte services. You can often hire companies to do an in-home safety evaluation and then pick and choose among the areas you want them to address. The safety evaluation for the company we hired cost around $85 and in my opinion was money very well spent – even if you’re planning to do the baby-proofing yourself. For the in-home evaluation, a safety expert with the company spent two hours inspecting our house and identified a number of household hazards. Some of these hazards we were already aware of (unlatched kitchen and bathroom cabinets, stairs, and exposed power outlets), and other things we hadn’t thought of (an untethered credenza that was a crushing hazard and the absence of carbon monoxide detectors on each floor of the house). At the end of the evaluation, we got a list of about 20 things that could be hazards for our son Bennett, either now or when he […]

Improperly Installed Top of Stair Baby Gate

How NOT to Install a Baby Gate! Unfortunately as professional babyproofers, we see installations like this more often than we should.  Improperly installed baby gates not only provide a false sense of security but can also pose a safety hazard.  This is why it is so important to hire a professional that knows the correct gate to install for your specific needs but also knows how to install the baby gate correctly. The baby gate installed at the top of a stairway below was installed by the family handyman.  As you can see, the gate is installed too far from the floor providing a baby the ability to crawl under the gate and access to the staircase. As the baby gets older and becomes a toddler, the gap under the gate becomes an entrapment/strangulation hazard.               Because of the ledge at the bottom of the banister posts, the correct baby safety gate needs to be installed so that it will mount properly to the banister post but also be close enough to the floor (less than 3″) so as not to pose a falling or entrapment hazard. The gate to the left is properly mounted to the banister posts with a NO HOLES Banister Kit eliminating any damage to the customers banister post.  The gate is also mounted less than 3″ from the floor to avoid an entrapment hazard.           If you need help installing a baby safety gate on your stairs, please contact your local Baby Safe Homes safety professional.  We would be happy to assist you with your childproofing needs. Safety is just a phone call away. 888.481.7233

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