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Custom Large Child Safety Gate Installation Denver, CO

Wide and Large Child Safety Gate installation at Top of Stairs in Denver, CO. Childproofing Made Easy 888-481-7233. According to the latest study on the subject, of the roughly 932,000 children under 5 who were hurt on staircases, babies of 12 months or younger were at highest risk, placing stairs as the number one cause of injury for 1 year old children in the United States. Pictured below is an extra large child safety gate that was installed by a Baby Safe Homes safety professional in Denver, CO to wrap around the top of a large and wide staircase. The second photo shows a creative way to install a baby gate that wraps around and limits access to the top and bottom of a staircase using on large baby gate. We also installed child safe cabinet locks, furniture straps for dressers and book shelves, and toilet locks. To book an appointment or a FREE QUOTE with our Denver, CO baby safety expert call 888.481.7233. Don’t live in Denver, CO? Visit our Locations Page and find the expert nearest to you. Visti the JPMA website for more safety information.

Baby proofing tailored to Denver, Colorado

Baby proofing tailored to Denver’s needs! It’s with great pleasure that we announce the opening of our NEW Baby Safe Homes location in DENVER, COLORADO! As of now the mile high city will have access to our trained baby safety consultants who provide in-home consultations and recommendations of specialized safety products as well as a professional same day installation service. To this day Baby Safe Homes has successfully baby proofed over 11,000 homes throughout the United States, Canada, England and Saudi Arabia, gaining a life’s worth of experience in its field and installing only the best quality baby safety products. We will professionally install custom baby and child safety gates for stairs, hallways and play areas, easy to use child proof cabinet, drawer, window and door locks and latches, safety straps for TV’s and heavy furniture, outlet plugs, smoke detectors and much more. Through our same-day baby proofing service our team will provide your family with peace of mind, by creating a safe environment that will allow your child to explore, learn and grow. Save yourself time, money, frustration and costly damage, Call our Baby Safe Homes safety professional in Denver at 720.504.4838

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