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Child Safety Gate Installation Coto de Caza, CA

Child Safety Gate installation at Top of and Bottom of Stairs in Coto de Caza, CA. Large child safety gate installation in Coto de Caza, CA. Pictured below are extra large custom child safety gates at the top and bottom of stairs that were installed by a Baby Safe Homes safety professional in Coto de Caza, California. We also installed child safe cabinet locks, furniture straps for dressers and book shelves, and toilet locks. According to the latest study on the subject, of the roughly 932,000 children under 5 who were hurt on staircases, babies of 12 months or younger were at highest risk, placing stairs as the number one cause of injury for 1 year old children in the United States. To book an appointment or a FREE QUOTE with our Coto de Caza baby safety expert (the only licensed, bonded and insured baby safety service serving the area) call or text 760.500.1400. Don’t live in Coto de Caza, CA? Visit our Locations Page and find the expert nearest to you. Visti the JPMA website for more safety information.

Custom extra wide baby gate for playroom

Custom extra wide baby gate for playroom Playrooms are the rooms in which children spent the most time alone, which is why parents must be extra careful in making sure this space is as childproofed as possible. Start by securing all dressers and shelves to the wall in order to prevent them from tipping over on children climbing on them. Avoid filling the room with toys that come with strings and cords (if this can’t be avoided make sure their lengths don’t exceed 6 inches), only buy age appropriate toys and periodically check consumer safety websites to ensure that products your child is using have not been recalled. If the room has windows make sure high quality window guards or window locks are in place, and install a suitable baby gate to keep your child confined to the secure area you’ve created.   The custom extra wide baby gate pictured above for example was placed strategically to keep little ones inside the playroom area and away from the desk and the staircase. Please remember to keep the area next to the gate clear of toys or furniture that could be used as a makeshift ladder or as a tool to gain height and climb over the protection. For more information regarding furniture straps, window guards, window locks and baby gates, please call 888.481.7233.

Baby Safe Homes and safety gates

Baby Safe Homes and safety gates One of the main reasons Baby Safe Homes was started was due to the frustration encountered while attempting to make a home baby safe. The first instinct every parent has is to go straight for their local retail store to purchase child safety devices, but this doesn’t always guarantee a good outcome. Employees don’t always know what to recommend and the products you come across are either not sufficient or of poor quality. Since childproofing, along with direct adult supervision, is the best way to prevent household accident, it’s fundamental it be carried out in the most efficient way possible. Baby Safe Homes is a team of experienced professional installers who have all the right tools and equipment to baby proof a typical home in two to five hours. One of the many items we install is safety gates. Baby Safety Gates come in different shapes and sizes as well as different mounting styles. Choosing the correct gate for each particular situation is critical in keeping your child safe from nasty falls. Our Baby Safe Homes safety professionals will help you choose and install the RIGHT gate fit for your home without having to spend large amounts of time researching products in stores or online. Call 888.481.7233 for a consultation. Safety is just a phone call away.

Child safety gate no holes clamping system

Child safety gate no holes clamping system Holiday season is in full swing, and as joyful as it may be, it also entails family gatherings, confusion and chaos. In fact, as a parent, chances are, that this is the time of year when you are more inclined to get distracted by visitors coming in and out of the home, or by holiday preparations. That is why it’s extremely important to have safety features correctly installed around your house to provide you and your family with peace of mind at all times. Keeping your baby away from potential dangers, such as stairs, home offices, pets, exercise equipment or rooms that have a lot of hazards, is essential for their safety, and when your attention fails, strategically placed baby safety gates come to the rescue. Once in place, correctly installed and properly used child safety gates, will securely confine your baby to a safe area of your home, and deny him access to potential hazards. The child safety gate pictured below, was installed for top and bottom of stairs, using a special wrought iron no holes clamping system. This custom no holes mounting system, will not only keep your baby away from the danger of stairs, but it will also avoid drilling holes into your stair banisters.     Baby Safe Homes will help you choose and install the gate best suited for your needs while minimizing damage to your home. This holiday season, make safety a priority, contact Baby Safe Homes to find the safety professional nearest to you. Call 888.481.7233

Baby safety gate for play area in O.C

Baby safety gate installed in a play area in San Juan Capistrano, Orange County Baby safety gates are used to keep babies OUT of danger zones such as stairs, kitchens and laundry rooms, but at the same time, are used to keep children IN. This large sectional child safety gate was recently installed in San Juan Capistrano by Baby Safe Homes Orange County to create a child safe play area.     Other than installing a baby gate to limit your baby’s moving space, we recommend other adjustments to further keep your child safe when creating a play area. Start by removing or blocking off tall floor lamps that could easily be pulled over, as well as securing top-heavy furniture with quality straps. Install blind cleats so cords are out of reach of the baby and make sure windows don’t open more than four inches. Remove glass-top coffee tables or replace glass with Plexiglas®, and pad sharp edges on tables and furniture. Check your electrical outlets, and make sure they are covered at all times. Last but not least, keep plants away from the play area: some are poisonous and also, leaves and dirt are considered choking hazards. For more information regarding baby gates, cabinet and drawer locks and latches, safety straps and much more, contact us at Baby Safe Homes Orange County by calling 949-264-3411 Or phone 888.481.7233, to find the Baby Safe Homes safety professional nearest to you!

Large custom sectional child safety gate in Rancho Bernardo

Large custom sectional baby safety gate in Rancho Bernardo For most parents who begin thinking about childproofing their home, a baby gate is the first item that comes to mind. If the house is in fact equipped with stairs, it is almost certain that sooner or later your baby is going to want to climb them. It is always best when installing a child safety gate to place one both at the top and at the bottom of the stairs, to prevent as much as possible the risk of falls. The best time to install a child safety gate is before your child starts crawling and walking, which is usually around the time your child turns six or seven months old. The gates must then remain in place until your child is old enough to know how to safely walk up and down them without the need for adult supervision. Pictured below is a large custom sectional child safety gate installed by Baby Safe Homes San Diego at the bottom of a flight of stairs. This gate in particular was placed using a no holes banister clamps to prevent damage to the banister post.     Please keep in mind that in children under two years of age, falls from stairs are the leading cause for visits to the emergency department. Childproofing is essential in order to keep your child away from preventable injuries: don’t postpone these very important decisions, book an appointment with our Baby Safe Homes safety professionals TODAY! Contact Baby Safe Homes San Diego at 760.500.1400 Or call 888.481.7233 to find a baby proofer near you! 

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