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Child safety gate for deck installed in Orange County

Child safety gate for deck installed in Orange County Decks and balconies are the ultimate areas of the house to sit back and enjoy your home, but to fully relax, make sure they are safe enough for your child too. Extra layers of safety on decks and balconies include banister shields and a general attention to the toys and furniture placed near the railing. Be mindful of any chairs and tables that could easily be climbed on, and keep an eye on the sort of toys children bring with them outside to avoid the presence of objects that could be stacked up and used to peek up and over the deck. Although safety measures are in place, please keep in mind that decks and balconies are areas of the house in which children should never be left unattended. Baby proofing is an extremely important ally in keeping your family safe, but nothing beats your eyes and ears. To prevent your child from getting outside at all, restrict his access by installing a child safety gate like the one pictured above. This neat and elegant gate will keep your mind at ease by blocking your infant from wandering into a dangerous area unattended. To add a second barrier of protection, install safety locks on all perimeter doors leading to decks and balconies. To find the Baby Safe Homes safety specialist closest to you, and to learn more about banister shields, child safety gates and safety locks on doors and windows, please call 888.481.7233.

Custom child safety gate in Newport Beach

Custom child safety gate in Newport Beach Whether you’re a child care professional, a new parent, or anything in-between it can at times feel overwhelming keeping track of kids who have just started crawling or walking. Eliminating risk factors from your home through baby proofing will not only let your child roam freely and explore his surroundings in all safety, but it will also give you much needed piece of mind. Installing a baby gate is the most efficient way to eliminate the number one cause for preventable falls around the house: stairs! Mounting a gate at the top of the staircase is extremely important, but remember that a baby that can’t climb up in the first place, will never risk falling back down, so gates at the bottom of stairs are just as necessary. Before purchasing a safety gate ask yourself these two things, ‘How many times do I use the stairs throughout the day’ and ‘Will I often carry objects (such as for example a laundry basket) or my child up and down the stairs with me’? These questions are important in choosing a gate that will accommodate not only your child’s needs, but your lifestyle too. In this particular case, if the gate will be used often during the day,  then you will need a device that can be opened and closed as quickly as possible. If you plan on carrying heavy objects up and down, than find a baby gate that can be unlocked with one hand. Although child safety gates will restrict your baby’s access to stairs and be extremely efficient for the first few years, they won’t unfortunately work forever.  As soon as your baby understands how to open them […]

Safe & Practical Baby Gate in Mission Viejo

Safe and practical Baby Safety Gate in Mission Viejo, Orange County From infant to toddler safety, Baby Safe Homes offers everything that you need to baby proof your home. Our trained baby safety consultants provide in-home consultations, recommend specialized safety products and provide professional same day installation. We will help design the solution that is right for you and your family to help keep your baby safe. Take baby safety gates for example. Baby gates are used to keep children away from stairs, or kitchens, or in general areas in which they could come across harmful objects or situations, and are intended for children aged between 6 months and 2 years. However, baby gates do not need to be permanently set up for that length of time. Our Baby Safe Homes safety specialist in Orange County has recently installed this custom extra wide sectional gate for top of stairs.   This baby safety gate not only has and auto look door which is easily opened with a one handed operation, but it can also be easily removed. This feature will not only be useful when cleaning, but it will also allow the family to remove the gate for entertainment purposes, for example during parties or family gatherings. Make your home baby safe AND practical. Contact our Baby Safe Homes safety specialist in Orange County for a free consultation and same day service. Call 949-264-3411

Baby Proofing Coto de Caza – Custom stair gate

Baby Proofing in Coto de Caza with a large custom stair gate. A client in Coto de Caza needed a large custom baby gate for the bottom of the stairs and they did not want any damage to the stair spindle we needed to mount the gate. We custom installed this large sectional baby gate at the bottom of the stairs to prevent access to the bottom of the staircase and out to the formal area of the home.  The child safe gate can be easily removed for entertaining, cleaning and moving furniture.  Special spindle clamps were used to mount the gate to the stair balusters without causing any damage to the stairs.                 This tension gate was installed to prevent access to the formal dining room area of the home.                     Baby Safe Homes also installed self closing electrical outlet plates and latches on drawers and cabinets in the kitchen to prevent access into area that were not safe. Need help baby proofing your home?  One of our trained safety consultant will help create a solution that is tailored to your needs. Safety is just a phone call away. 888.481.7233

Baby Proofing Your Work Out Equipment with Custom Baby Gates

Having a home gym is great for working out but is not so safe for your baby or toddler.  Baby proofing treadmills, stair steppers, free weights and other home gym equipment is impossible as they have lots of places to pinch fingers, bump heads or pull heavy equipment onto your baby or toddler posing many hazards. The best way to babyproof your home gym is to make it off limits to your children until they are old enough to understand the dangers and avoid injury.  Placing a baby safety lock on the door to your home gym or a baby safety gate to the opening are options for keeping little one out of harms way.  Baby Safe Homes has several door lock and gate options that are affordable and non-intrusive to your home decore. If you do not have a dedicated room for your home workout equipment, sectioning off the room where the equipment is located is a safe option to keep your baby or toddler away from hazards.  Below are some examples of how we were able to divide a room or install a custom baby gate around the workout equipment to keep the baby safe.                           If you have work out equipment you need to baby proof and need a custom baby gate or other creative solution, contact your local Baby Safe Homes Safety Consultant.  We will help find an option that suites your baby safety needs.   Find YOUR Baby Proofer

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Custom Large Child Baby Safety Gate for Oversize Openings

Installing large oversize custom baby safety gates for wide openings is a specialty of Baby Safe Homes and can be and important part of baby proofing a staircase.  This gate was installed at the top and bottom of a difficult staircase that had not wall or railings separating them.  This custom gate serves to block the staircase going both up and down the stairs preventing a baby from falling down the stairs or climbing up the stairs. This particular child safety gate can be configured to fit almost any size opening, has an auto locking door that is easy to open with one hand and can be easily removed for entertaining or guests.               If you need help with baby proofing your home or need a custom baby safety gate installed on your stairs, please contact your local Baby Safe Homes safety specialist.  We are here to help, advise and install.   Find YOUR Baby Proofer

Custom Extra Large Wide Child Baby Safety Gate

Baby Safe Homes can install Custom Extra Large and Wide Child Baby Safety Gates for almost any application.  Whether it is for around a staircase, an extra large opening or to divide a room, we can customize a baby gate for you. This particular gate was installed for a client in San Juan Capistrano, CA to section off a playroom from her older boys from her toddler.  The boys love their Lego’s and so did the baby so mom decided to create a Lego room. This extra long baby gate was installed at the bottom of the stairs in Dallas Texas.  A custom baluster clamp was used on the far end to attach it to the iron banister post to eliminate any damage from screws. Both these extra large custom child safety gates have a self locking door that is easy to open one handed.   The baby gate can also be easily removed for guests, cleaning or to move furniture. If you need help with baby proofing your home or need a custom extra wide or large baby safety gate installed, please contact your local Baby Safe Homes safety specialist.  We are here to help, advise and install.   Find YOUR Baby Proofer

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