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Bathroom safety and pressure gates

Bathroom safety and pressure gates Just as any other room, bathroom’s hold hidden dangers for small children too. Start by setting the water heather temperature to a 125°F or less, to prevent accidental scalding when bathing a child or in the case he manages to turn the hot water on his own. During bath time never leave your baby alone in the tub and install tub spout pads and tub mats to reduce the risk of a child slipping and injuring their head. We’ve said this time and time again, but babies are always on the lookout for toys or for things to put in their mouths, so be sure to remove soap chips, shampoo, razors and other products from the edge of the tub or within their reach. Collect all medicines including, but not limited to, prescription drugs, vitamins and herbal supplements, and place in a safe container on the top shelf of a closet or other area NOT accessible to children. Same rule applies to hair dryers and curling irons. When not in use unplug them and store them away. Other safety devices that could be put in place in the bathroom are toilet locks to reduce the risk of drowning, and, if already installed, the removal of automatic bowl cleaners. Although safety measures have been put in place, it’s always best to prevent small children from accessing the room altogether if unattended. This can be done by making sure the door to this area remains locked at all times, or in alternative, by installing a self-closing auto lock pressure gate like the one pictured below. This baby gate’s door not only swings into both directions, but also has a hold open position, […]

Best gate for top of stairs

Best gate for top of stairs Child safety gates are not all the same. Some gates are suitable for the top of the stairs, some for the bottom, some are suitable to limit a child’s access to a certain room, or to keep him away from a dangerous hazard as could be a fireplace. Pressure and tension mounted gates for example should never be used at the top of stairs regardless of what the manufacturer claims. They offer a false sense of security and can cause injury to you or your child as they could be easily dislodged or become a tripping hazard. It is also best not to use this type of gate in high traffic locations as they are often knocked out of alignment and consequently cease to lock properly. When baby proofing the top of the stairs hardware mounted gates, such as the one pictured below, are the perfect solution. Contrary to what most people may think, if installed properly, this child safety gate, will not only be easier to use, but will also cause less damage to your walls than pressure mounted gates would. This safety gate was installed by a Baby Safe Homes safety professional in replacement of the tension gate previously installed (which can be seen in the background) and which had become a hazard to this family. Baby Safe Homes will help you choose the right gate the first time around by using only high quality gates that are stable, easy to use, and have a sturdy mechanism. Call 888.481.7233, Safety is just a phone call away!

KidCo G1100 Auto Lock Gate

Installation of a KidCo G1100 Safeway Auto Lock Baby Gate Below is a KidCo G1100 Safeway Auto Lock gate we installed in a hallway of a customers home to seperate the bedroom from the family room.  Notice the two round “discs” at the top of the gate on each side where the gate pushes against the wall.  These are called Wall Savers and are used by Baby Safe Homes when we install pressure gates against drywall to make the gate more stable and eliminate damage to the wall once the gate is removed. If you need help with baby proofing your home or need a custom baby gate, contact your local Baby Safe Homes safety specialist.   Find YOUR Baby Proofer

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Baby Pressure Gate for Nursery Door

If you have a baby, infant or toddler that you would like to keep from escaping the nursery (or any other room with a doorway), this baby pressure gate for the doorway is simple solution.  This particular baby gate is pressure mounted, will automatically lock, is simple one handed operation and has a “hold open” feature which keeps the doorway open when the baby is not around.  The gate also still allows full use of the door. If you need help with a baby safety gate or any other baby proofing needs, Click Map for a Baby Safe Homes Baby Proofing Location Near You:

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