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Child Safe Spiral Stair Gate in San Diego, CA

Child safety gate for Spiral Staircase in San Deigo, CA. Spiral safety gate installation in San Diego, CA. Pictured below are extra large custom child safety gates at the bottom of spiral stairs that were installed by a Baby Safe Homes safety professional in San Diego, California. We also installed child safe cabinet locks, furniture straps for dressers and book shelves, and toilet locks. According to the latest study on the subject, of the roughly 932,000 children under 5 who were hurt on staircases, babies of 12 months or younger were at highest risk, placing stairs as the number one cause of injury for 1 year old children in the United States. To book an appointment or a FREE QUOTE with our San Diego baby safety expert (the only licensed, bonded and insured baby safety service serving the area) call or text 760.500.1400. Don’t live in San Diego, CA? Visit our Locations Page and find the expert nearest to you. Visti the JPMA website for more safety information.

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Stylish custom baby safety gates

Stylish custom baby safety gates Baby safety gates are fundamental tools in baby proofing a home, but this does not mean they should also be eyesores. An example of this are the two installation pictured: Above, a high quality customized safety gate with an auto lock door placed at the bottom of a staircase, below, another custom sectional baby gate, this time installed to keep children out of the kitchen.   Both these installations were carried out by our team in a minimum amount of time, without causing damage to walls or furniture, and using only JPMA approved baby gates that are not always found in regular stores. Placing a child safety gate for a non professional is not only time consuming but also complicated, and not always do parents get this installation right on their own. By contacting the Baby Safe Homes safety expert closest to you, not only will your child be protected by the best quality gate available, but by one which was also placed correctly and nicely blends into the surroundings of your home. Call 888.481.7233

Child safety gate for top of stairs

Child safety gate for top of stair Statistically each year, more than 2,5 million children are treated in emergency rooms for fall-related injuries. These falls may occur from balconies or windows, but the most common accidents are from stairs, which are luckily quick and simple to baby proof. There are many types of baby gates on the market, but it’s important to find the one best suited for your home.   Pictured above a child safety gate installed at the top of the stairs by a Baby Safe Homes professional. This high quality product was installed causing little to no damage to the wall and is sure to keep the whole family safe from harm.  To schedule an appointment with the Baby Safe Homes safety professional nearest to you, please call 888.481.7233.

Baby proofing a Play Room

Baby proofing a Play Room The play room is probably the area of the house in which your child will spend most of his awake time, so it’s important that it be baby proofed well enough to allow your baby the freedom to explore the world without the fear of him coming across something that may harm him. First of all start by installing blind cleats to keep cords away from reach as children could easily get them wrapped around their necks, or chew on them. Same thing applies to cords from phones, or other small appliances with plastic wire ties. Babies are smarter than one may think, and they quickly figure things out, so place a secondary protection on windows, such as locks or guards, and install self-closing outlets on frequently used outlets and all outlets with something plugged into it. Install a Carbon Monoxide Sensor and make sure that once your baby is placed in his play room, there is no way for him to get out of that space without your knowledge. The child safety gate pictured above was installed in a play room opening to do just that, to prevent the child from wandering off without your consent. For more information on play room safety or on child safety gates, please call 888.481.7233

Baby proofing in Del Sur, San Diego (CA)

Baby proofing a staircase in Del Sur, San Diego Baby proofing is the act of making an environment safer for children by reducing certain risks and restricting certain areas of a home. Childproofing is effective if a parent knows what possible hidden hazards a home may carry, but unfortunately this isn’t always very obvious to a beginner’s eye. Also, childproofing can be extremely time consuming when considering the amount of energy that goes into researching brands and types of devices that are good enough to protect your baby. Baby Safe Homes has a team of experienced professionals who not only know what areas of your home require special attention, but with all the right tools and equipment, can easily complete a typical home in two to five hours. The installation of the extra wide baby gate in the first picture and the full swing gate pictured in the second image, are a clear example of our efficiency and quality of work.                                           Both these baby gates were installed by Baby Safe Homes professionals in a short period of time and with little to no damage to the client’s walls or furniture. These two gates not only look neat and high quality, but they also give this family piece of mind in knowing that their child will be protected from falling down the staircase and getting hurt. To learn more about baby proofing, or to book and appointment, call 888.481.7233 or visit our website at this link to find the Baby Safe Homes safety professional nearest to you.

Extra wide child safety gate in San Diego

Extra wide child safety gate in San Diego We’ve said time and time again how complicated finding the right baby gate can be, well this is especially true for extra wide staircases that have unique designs. Luckily for anyone out there who is in the difficult situation of looking for a gate that will suit their home, Baby Safe Homes can customize a baby safety gate for almost any size opening or situation. Pictured below is an example of what our safety professionals can do for wide irregular openings. Obviously this service does not only apply to stairs but to other areas of the home that have unconventional widths. This custom extra wide child safety gate was mounted by Baby Safe Homes San Diego, and it not only fits the space perfectly but it’s also extremely functional as it’s fitted with two doors for convenient access. As with all of our installations, we were committed to preserving the beauty and integrity of our clients home by installing the safety gates using a NO HOLES installation kit. Also, most of our large sectional gates have an auto lock door and a door hold open feature for easy pass through when baby is napping. These gates can also be easily removed in less than 60 seconds for cleaning or entertaining purposes. As a reminder, please note that child safety gates are intended for children between 6 months and 2 years of age. Once a child learns how to open a gate, or can climb over it, it should no longer be relied upon as a safety device. To learn more about Baby Safe Homes or to book an appointment with the closest safety professional near you, please […]

Baby safety installation on stair banister

Baby safety installation on stair banister At many stages in the first 2 years or so of their lives babies are perfectly able to roll, sit, crawl and walk around your home as soon as you turn your back on them. Although able to climb up and down furniture, they do not yet have the coordination to react to certain types of dangers, as can be a fall. If you are lucky, your child will tumble off something low and will only get a scare, but if you haven’t properly baby proofed your home and haven’t restricted his access to the stairs, he could take a much more serious fall. Properly install a safety gate at the top and at the bottom of stairs to isolate steps and make it harder for children to reach them. Please keep in mind that where there is a will, there is a way, and if indirectly aided, a child’s curiosity will find a way to get past the baby gate. For this reason we advise to keep stairs clear of toys, shoes, and anything else that may be used as a climbing tool to reach the height of the gate. Also, if your banisters are wider than 3 inches apart, it’s important to install plexiglass to prevent children falling between the baluster, or also injuring themselves by getting their heads stuck. Pictured below is a Baby Safe Homes safety professional at work, installing plexiglass on a dangerously wide banister. Baby proofing is serious business, and it is a fundamental step to keeping your family safe. Call 888.481.7233 to find the Baby Safe Homes safety professional nearest to you.

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