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Safety gate in archway to prohibit child access to dining room

  A couple of weeks ago a note stuck on a dining room door and shared online by Nick Denbow,17, went viral. The note, written by his mother, announced to him and his siblings that the family’s living room “has been cleaned for the holidays and is officially closed until Thanksgiving.” This interaction between a mother and her children is a clear indication that she was fed up of having kids mess up an area of the house that she would have preferred be off limits to games and toys. In this case, the children were old enough to read her message, but in case of babies and toddlers, let a baby gate do the talking! Pictured below is an extra-wide large sectional child safety gate recently installed by Baby Safe Homes San Diego.     The gate was placed in an archway to prohibit child access to the formal living room and dining room of this beautiful home. As much as we love our children, there are certain areas of the house in which we do not wish them to enter. Some areas may be excluded for safety reasons (for example stairs, kitchens and laundry rooms), but others may be excluded for the fear that they may accidentally break something valuable. Whatever the reason behind you wanting to keep your baby safely confined in a certain room of the house, Baby Safe Homes has a wide range of baby safety gates that will fit all your needs. Contact us to book an appointment, or for more information on how we childproof a home. Contact Baby Safe Homes San Diego at 760.500.1400 Or call 888.481.7233 to find a baby proofer near you! 

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Baby safety pressure gate installed in Rancho Santa Fe, San Diego

Baby safety pressure gate installed in Rancho Santa Fe, San Diego We are dedicated to providing the highest level of satisfaction through our quality workmanship, top-rated safety products and excellent customer service. Like you, we’re committed to family safety and have made it our number one priority. It is our mission to provide families with peace of mind by creating an environment for their babies and toddlers to explore, learn and grow safely. We thrive to achieve this in the least possible amount of time and through practices that do not create damage to your property or furniture once the baby proof device is removed and no longer needed. Pictured below is an example of a baby gate installed by Baby Safe Homes San Diego.     As can be seen the baby safety pressure gate placed at the bottom of the stairs was put in place with sabers to protect the drywall from damage. It’s also easy to use and has an open auto locking door. Don’t rely on low-quality products. Invest in the safety of your child and in keeping your home damage free. Contact Baby Safe Homes San Diego at 760.500.1400 or call 888.481.7233 to find the Baby Safe Homes safety expert nearest to you!

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