Important Baby Safety Tips from Pets

It is important to prepare your family pets before your baby arrives. It is essential to make some changes and preparations to reduce the chances of an accident when your baby arrives so that the change is easier for you and your pet. Pets are tolerant of kids but it is important to be aware.

In this blog we will discuss some baby safety tips with pets.

You can keep your newborn and pets apart for most of the time. Don’t leave your baby with pets all alone in a room and never let them share a common room. Keep your baby off the floor when the pet is around. Pets can try to move them with their mouth and sometimes they hurt them. When your kid starts crawling teach them not to tease or hurt them and to treat pets very gently and calmly.

Your pets may feel jealous of the new member of your family while you introduce your newborn with them. Always give some special time to your pets whenever you can so they know that you still care for them.

Cats are usually attracted due to the warmth of baby’ cot. Always remember to use the cat net to the pushchair or pram when your baby is in garden or downstairs. Sometimes they will scratch or bite kids when they throw their toys on cats or pull their tails.

If you own a dog as your pet, it is important to keep special attention on your babies. Dogs may lose their patience when kids poke their eyes or pull their tails. No matter how trustworthy your pet is, it may bite your kid when they get irritated with kids. Dogs love to chase running kids and play-bite them. These dog bites tend to be minor, but always try to keep eyes on your kids and pets how they are playing together.

You can use fences if you have a garden in your home to separate the baby areas and pet areas. You need to check the whole garden before letting your child outside.

If you don’t have any pet and are going to adopt the pets especially for your child, always try to choose pets like rabbits that do not have to live in the house all the time. These pets can have cages in a sheltered place.

Your child can play with them for a short period under your supervision. When your kids get older and learn how to play and treat pets, you may consider to add a dog or a cat to your family.

And if you already have a dog or a cat as your pet, safety gates can be an effective way to keep your kids away from your pet’s food and water. Look for the gates that are enough wide for pets and narrow for kids.


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