Baby Proofing Cabinet And Drawer With Locks And Latches

Once your baby starts crawling, you will realize in your house there are a lot places that can harm them. It becomes more important to baby proof your house to keep away your baby from the troubles. You might be ready with some preparation but proper baby proofing is more than that. There are a lot of things or devices to baby proof your house. But, here we discuss about the locks and latches for cabinets and drawers.

For example, drawers and cabinets are used to store sharp things like knives and other dangerous chemicals, where these things can be easily reached by the kids. Also windows, doors, and toilets are to be secured to prevent the accidental hazards. To baby proof all these one can use locks and latches to the drawers and cabinets.

Dangers with Cabinets and Drawers

Let’s take a look at the hazards that can take places with cabinets and drawers:

  • Cabinets containing dangerous things like cleaning agents or sharp knives.

  • Cabinet’s door can harm to little one’s fingers causing serious injuries.

  • Kids will throw out the things across the room from the drawer for fun.

  • Kids can use drawers as ladder to reach higher places.

  • To entertain children sometimes parents constantly slammed cabinet’s doors, which is not a direct danger to child but quickly it will wear on parent’s nerves.

Important Tips to Baby proofing drawers:

In stores you can find out various types of locks and latches but all these are not created equal. For the best products you can take ideas by reading the reviews of other parents they left in the products. With this you can easily understand that some products that sounds good in theory, are not so good in practically. Here are some other things you must know before purchasing child proof items for drawers and cabinets.

  • Avoid Cheaper Magnetic Locks –

    Magnetic locks with cheaper magnet can potentially drive you crazy when it became hard to open drawers and access the content.

  • Choose drawer locks that open up with a crack-

    These can still harm the little fingers or allow the drawer to be inquisitive open with a narrow tool.

  • Hardware Mounted Locks

    These are not good for the people who are in rented houses as their landlord may prohibited from the permanent fixture to the drawers.

  • Try Another Option for Difficulty with Locks-

    If you use drawers every day for five seconds each time you open a drawer you will get frustrated.

After knowing these dangers and important tips to purchase the baby safety latches, lets know about different types of safety latches to avoid these hazards and make your home baby safe.


Types of Cabinet Locks to Keep Your Child Safe

We offer three types of safety locks and latches for cabinets and drawers to childproof them.

Spring Latch:

Spring Latches

Spring Latches

Durable Two Piece Latch:

Durable Two Piece Latch

Durable Two Piece Latch

Custom Side Latch for Frame-less Cabinets:

Custom Side Latch for Frame-less Cabinets

Custom Side Latch for Frame-less Cabinets

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