Baby safety installation on stair banister

At many stages in the first 2 years or so of their lives babies are perfectly able to roll, sit, crawl and walk around your home as soon as you turn your back on them.

Although able to climb up and down furniture, they do not yet have the coordination to react to certain types of dangers, as can be a fall. If you are lucky, your child will tumble off something low and will only get a scare, but if you haven’t properly baby proofed your home and haven’t restricted his access to the stairs, he could take a much more serious fall.

Properly install a safety gate at the top and at the bottom of stairs to isolate steps and make it harder for children to reach them. Please keep in mind that where there is a will, there is a way, and if indirectly aided, a child’s curiosity will find a way to get past the baby gate.

For this reason we advise to keep stairs clear of toys, shoes, and anything else that may be used as a climbing tool to reach the height of the gate.

Also, if your banisters are wider than 3 inches apart, it’s important to install plexiglass to prevent children falling between the baluster, or also injuring themselves by getting their heads stuck.

Pictured below is a Baby Safe Homes safety professional at work, installing plexiglass on a dangerously wide banister.

Baby safety installation on stair banister

Baby proofing is serious business, and it is a fundamental step to keeping your family safe.

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