Best Recommendations To Baby Proof Your Home

Kids always find the way to do make anything dangerous. Baby proofing your home is the best way to avoid dangerous injuries. Now it is a challenging question that what to childproof in your home or what not to, but the main goal is to keep your family safe.

Stair is the place in a house where most of the falls occurs. According to “Centers for Disease Control and Prevention” (CDC), in the United States almost 8,000 are treated in emergency room everyday with fall-related injuries and up to 2.9 million injuries over a year. Luckily, it is easy and simple to baby proof the stairs.

There are a lot of options for railings, but it is very difficult to select the products that actually match the style of your home without the supervision of experts. It is important to choose railing properly to child proof the balconies or stairs of your home to avoid baby falls.

In vertical ladder railing, if the gap is wider than 4 inches, then a baby can wedge in the railings and suffocates. If railing has horizontal bars kids use them to climb up and fall due to slip. To prevent these type of hazards you should cover the railing with various options like a clear plastic sheet, plastic garden fence, or with the sheet of Plexiglas.

Among all these, Plexiglas is the best solution for making stairs or balconies railing safe. It doesn’t affect the looks of the balcony as it is transparent and also gives the greater protection than others. Measure both the height and length of the railing and buy the sheets of Plexiglas that fits into it. It is easy to fit smaller sized Plexiglas in the railing.

Drill a series of holes of 1/4 inches around the edges before removing the plastic cover of Plexiglas. It will prevent the hole from cracking. Hold the Plexiglas in place on the balcony railing, and secure it in place using cable ties through all the holes with railing. Make sure there is no gap more than 2 inches all around. You can use 2 sheets of Plexiglas to make up the length of the balcony.

Make sure not to keep any items nearby banisters that can be used by kids to climb up and over the rails. You may get the help of the professionals for childproofing your home or purchasing safety devices. For the best supervision of experts for your childproofing needs related to stairs, balconies, and more you can contact your local Baby Safe Homes specialist.

Our Recent installation of Plexiglas in Denver

Baby safe homes Horizontal stair railing’s such as these pose a climbing, falling and entrapment hazard for babies and toddlers. Installing Plexiglas is effective and attractive to alleviate this danger.

Plexiglas for Railing

Plexiglas for Railing

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