Childproof your Kitchen for Baby Safety

Kitchen is the heart of any home and families spend most of their time in kitchen but it should not be off limit. Unlike other parts of house it should be dangerous for kids. But to childproof a kitchen is a very difficult task for everyone because a lot of dangers wait in the average kitchen. So it is important to childproof them properly.

When kids start crawling, its parent’s responsibility to keep the kitchen baby proof. Parents have to adjust kitchen habits to provide safety for kids.

  • Avoid things hanging over the edge of cabinets-

    Kids take interest to drop hanging things down like pan handles, electrical cords, Towels or anything else which results to tip off cabinets over kids.

  • Don’t put hot beverages in kid’s reach-

    Always remember where you leave hot beverages. It should not be in kids reach resulting in serious scalding. Avoid to carry your kid in one arm while a hot drink in the other. It is also very dangerous.

  • Put sharp things in cabinet after their use-

    Sharp knives or breakable objects like glasses can harm kids to the serious injuries. So after their use put these objects to cabinets as soon as you have finished their use.

  • Unplug electrical appliances after their use-

    Unplug Electrical appliances like toaster or blender and put them away as soon as you are finished worth.

In addition to this, you can also purchase some safety devices to childproof you kitchen properly:

Child Locks on Cabinets

All the dangerous thing like sharp knives or toxic chemical like detergents, pesticides, cleaning products are stored in the cabinets which can cause the serious injuries. So it important to lock them properly. Use magnet lock to the cabinets so that kids can not open them.

Kitchen Safety- 1

Install Baby gates On Kitchen Doors

You can use baby safety gates to stop kids from entering the kitchen. By installing safety gates, you can keep kids away from the kitchen to avoid dangerous hazards. You will find a lot design of safety gates in market such as Plexiglas gates, wood, metal, plastic, etc. You can also use Dutch doors as an alternative of safety gates as they are more useful and permanent from gates but these are more expensive also.

Baby Proof Your Cook Tops

To prevent kids from burning, it is important to put knob guards on stove or put hot utensils out of their reach. In addition to stove guards, other alternatives are available to you for baby proofing kitchen stoves. Like you can install latches to the oven, microwave, and refrigerator.

Kitchen Safety- 3

Baby Proof the Dishwasher

Dishwasher can also be a danger waiting to happen to your baby due to which kids can open the machine and start playing dangerous contents of the dishwasher (e.g. Soap detergents, dirty knives, glass, china, Dish soap and cutlery). To prevent these accidents you can use multipurpose straps to access the contents of the dishwasher.

Cover electric outlets

To protect kids from electric shots, use outlet plug covers when there is nothing is plugged into the wall. You can purchase them easily from online stores or nearby retail shop.

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