Choosing the correct child safety gate

Every parent will tell you that baby proofing can be a stressful and frustrating experience. Researching safety equipment best suited for your family’s needs takes time, and since you can’t always trust those online reviews, it often also turns into a waste of money.

Items like Baby Safety Gates for example are particularly critical to choose. They come in different shapes, sizes as well as different mounting styles, and they also need to be installed in a specific manner. Finding the gate that is best suited for your house and installing it without damaging your walls is a tricky business.

Pictured below is a Baby Safety gate placed at the bottom of a staircase using a no holes banister clamps.

Choosing the correct child safety gate

Installation of Baby Safety gate at the bottom of stairs using No Holes banister clamps.

As can be seen, this baby safety gate is firmly installed to the wall and to the banister, guaranteeing the child’s safety, while at the same time, leaving the surface on which it was placed on completely intact.

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