On this particular baby gate installation, not only did we need to install a safety gate for the stairs but to also keep the baby out of the upstairs office/music room and away from the stair banister which posed a climbing and falling hazard.  All three hazards were addressed with one large gate that blocked off access to the stairs, office and the banisters.   We combined two KidCo G3000 sectional gates so that the customer had a doorway for the stairway and one for the office.  The gate has an auto-locking door and is easy to remove if necessary for cleaning or moving furniture.

The view on the left shows a doorway close up that leads to the stairs and a distant doorway that leads to the music room.  The other part of the gate in the right of the photo runs along the stair banister to prevent the baby from getting near the climbing / falling hazard.  The photo on the right shows the few from the opposite direction.

2G3000_Stair_Banister 2G3000_Stair_Banister_2

Do you have a challanging area you need a baby safety gate installed or have other baby proofing questions or concerns?  Contact your local Baby Safe Homes safety specialist to assist you with your childproofing needs.

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